Expanding my new surgical technique: Scarless Cochlear Baha 4 Attract System during 1st Stage Medpor Microtia Surgery

I have previously blogged about the scarless technique that I developed for placing the titanium implant for Bone Anchored Auditory Processors (commonly known as BAHAs) during the 1st stage Medpor ear reconstruction surgery. This provides my Microtia and Atresia patients the ability to hear directly through bone conduction and is an excellent alternative to those that cannot have or choose not to have Atresia repair.

John VogrinI have recently performed the same scarless technique with the Cochlear Baha 4 Attract System, which normally requires a scalp scar. It was a pleasure to have Mr. John Vogrin, from Cochlear Americas, observe the surgery. He flies all around the country to observe and provide support for surgeons performing the bone anchored implant surgery. We appreciated his tremendous amount of knowledge about the Baha systems. The Cochlear Baha 4 Attract System uses an internal and external magnet, providing an invisible connection between the implant and sound processor. This is considered aesthetically more appealing as a titanium abutment is not protruding. Please note that it may not be ideal for every patient as there is some sound loss due the sound penetrating through skin versus directly through bone.

In speaking with Mr. Vogrin, I became very impressed with Cochlear’s commitment to research. I look forward to all of the new medical and technological advances in hearing products for my Microtia and Atresia patients.

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