Earicles is a non-profit that helps children born with small ear thrive through Education, Advocacy, Research, Surgery (EARS). Earicles hosts worldwide Microtia Atresia Conferences and events to educate and connect families with world leading surgeons, specialists and advocates.

Dr. Sheryl Lewin, founder of Earicles, helps provide free or cost reduced surgery specifically to children with prior failed ear reconstruction surgeries. Thank you to partners Cove Surgery Center and Poriferous (SuPor implant manufacturer) for your support as well in making Earicles!

In 2022, Dr. Lewin helped over 10 children with free or reduced cost surgery, including Victor from South Africa. Watch Victor’s Earicle as featured by ABC7 News. Dr. Lewin was also featured in 2022 on ABC’s nationwide “Dear Santa” tv series, stories of the United States Postal Service’s yearly holiday wish fulfillment program, and spoke about how she gifts Earicles.

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Earicles is small with limited resources. We greatly appreciate any and all sized donations! To donate to Earicles please fill out form below:

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