Dr. Lewin used her extensive experience to completely redesign Porous Implant Ear Reconstruction (PIER) surgery.

High definition 3D scanning is used to create an implant that is a precise mirror image of the natural ear. This allows Dr. Lewin to make a much more realistic and symmetric ear than is possible with the traditional Medpor or Rib Cartilage ear reconstruction.

The Lewin Ear Implant and the 3D Lewin Ear Implant are created from a single intricately shaped piece of porous polyethylene, eliminating the risk of implant fracture.

After 3 years of research together, the pioneering designers at SU-POR made Dr. Lewin’s vision a reality available to nearly all of her patients.




Microtia is a condition in which a baby’s ear does not develop properly, causing the ear to be small, malformed or missing. But microtia is not just a “small ear.”
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There are multiple treatment options for microtia, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to research all options, including no treatment, to make an informed decision.
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Psychological Effects

Children may become aware of their own facial differences as early as two to three years of age. Although not always the case, microtia can have a significant emotional impact on patients and their families. There are ways to help our kids deal with these psychological effects.
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Self Portrait by Manny, age 4

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Hearing Loss

Nearly all patients with microtia and atresia have a conductive hearing loss. There are several choices to improve hearing with aural atresia (a missing ear canal). It is important to understand the risks and benefits of each option.
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There are many syndromes associated with microtia, such as Hemifacial Microsomia, Goldenhar Syndrome and Treacher Collins Syndrome. When other conditions are present, the kidneys, heart, eyes, craniofacial bones and skeletal system may be affected.
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Myths vs Facts

Since microtia is so rare, few doctors specialize in the treatment of this condition. Learn about the myths surrounding ear reconstruction and what the actual facts are.
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