With all Earicles 2020 Microtia Atresia Conferences being canceled due to COVID-19, Dr. Lewin will be hosting several, free, casual and interactive “Live Chats” to help educate families about microtia, atresia and hearing loss.


To register for any of the Live Chats, please email info@lewinmd.com and include any questions you may have regarding each topic.

Live Chat! Jaw Reconstruction

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 11:30am PST 

Guest speaker, Dr. Jeffrey Hammoudeh, will present on jaw reconstruction and the treatment options available.

Previously Recorded Live Chats

PIER Travel Tips (4/16/20) VIDEO

Dr. Lewin’s Microtia Patient Liaison, Tiffany, addresses flights, car rental, accommodations, things-to-do, medical supplies, clothing, siblings, help. 


Osia vs Baha (4/21/20) VIDEO

Dr. Sheryl Lewin and Cochlear Americas compare the new Osia 2 to the Baha bone conduction hearing systems and answer common questions.


Caring for your Post-Op Ear (4/23/20) VIDEO

Dr. Sheryl Lewin and her nurse, Maribel, discuss how to care for the ear after surgery including: post-op cleaning, applying ointments, the healing progress, physical activities, lifetime care. 


Microtia, Atresia & Hearing Loss (4/28/20) VIDEO

Bea Smith, Doctor of Audiology, educates families on the speech banana, audiograms, BAHAs, assistive listening devices. 


Porous Implants (5/5/20) VIDEO

Dr. Sheryl Lewin and Aaron Noble, CEO of Poriferous (Su-Por Implants) address common questions and myths about porous implants for microtia ear reconstruction, 


PIER for Hemifacial Microsomia (5/7/20) VIDEO

Dr. Sheryl Lewin discusses Porous Implant Ear Reconstruction for those with Hemifacial Microsomia, and how the timeline, surgical procedure and outcome may vary. 


Genetics for Microtia (5/15/20) VIDEO

Dr. Pedro Sanchez, Director of Genetics at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, presents on Genetic and Environmental Influences of Microtia.


PIER Risks (5/20/20) VIDEO

Dr. Sheryl Lewin addresses Porous Implant Ear Reconstruction (PIER) risks including potential surgical and post-op complications. How common is a complication and how are they corrected?


PIER Q&A (5/26/20) VIDEO

Dr. Sheryl Lewin answers the most common 10 questions followed by several from her live audience.  What is the best age to have surgery? Does the PIER ear grow? Can I swap out my old implant for a new 3D implant?


Facial Paralysis Q&A (5/29/20) VIDEO

Dr. Andre Panossian, facial paralysis expert, explains diagnosing facial paralysis, treatment options, benefits, and risks – breaking it down by the upper 1/3, middle 1/3, and lower 1/3 of the face. 


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