Road Trip! Ohio-Kentucky Microtia Meet & Greet

On August 4, 2019 we hosted the Ohio-Kentucky Microtia Meet & Greet at the Newport Aquarium. I presented on Porous Implant Ear Reconstruction surgery and had Individual Patient Appointments with both pre- and post-op families.  Several patients had their non-microtia ears 3D scanned for their upcoming microtia ear reconstruction! Our Patient Care Coordinators, Larrissa and Sharyn, gave Insurance Overview informational sessions and also met individually with families to discuss their specific plans and coverage. In addition, we had several post-op families that volunteered to sit on the Patient Panel for a Q&A session. Families traveled from all over the Midwest, East Coast and Canada to attend the event!

Check out our wrap-up video and turn up the music (the kids will love it, parents...may not!!):

We would like to thank the following for making our Microtia Meet & Greet a great event:

  • Jill Master & Kyle Merkl Newport Aquarium for a great venue location
  • Deb Turner, CochlearAmericas volunteer,for providing families with materials about Baha technology
  • Patient Panel families (Bonora, O’Rourke, Shelton, Wilke, Wintermute) for sharing their surgical journeys
  • The O’Rourke family for being the local host family and donating local Cincinnati treats to all attendees (and teaching us about Greater’s ice cream)
  • Debbie & Frank Butera of Butera Design for event logo and website registration
  • Joe Loizzo of Kollege Town for t-shirts
  • Faces By Lisa for adorable face/arm paint designs (and Staci Taylor/Elise Garfinkel for your last minute assistance J)
  • Our onsite team (Larrissa, Sharyn, Tiffany) and our team at the office (Julie, Kim, Maribel, Veronica) for their event help and preparation, and my husband John for joining in on the fun
  • Valarie Orr, Hampton Inn & Suites, for securing our room block (wonderful hotel and location)

We also enjoyed walking around the Cincinnati-Newport area. There was so much to see and do!

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